Introduction to the Founder

Rev. Dr Francis Ngoi has been a pastor of Methodist Church in Singapore for more than 25 years. He received his master of ministry in pastoral care from Trinity Theological College, Singapore in 1978; Doctor of Ministry in Personality, Culture and Religion from Boston University in 1990 and professional Diploma in Marriage and Family Therapy from Institute of Family Therapy, London in 1996.  

Besides his pastoral ministry he also served as a part time lecturer of pastoral care and supervisor of clinical pastoral care training. He was then appointed to spear head of the family life ministry in 2002. Through eight years of research and experiment, he has integrated basic biblical principles and years of experience in shepherding, lecturing, counseling, personality development, behavioral traits and systemic theories as his building blocks for family life ministry. A series of family life enrichment programmes, designed and written, have proven to be effective.

He is the vice-president of the Association for Christian Counselors in Singapore, an active member of the Association for Marital and family Therapy and is licensed to solemnize marriages in Singapore.

He has also published several tool books for small group meeting and family altar. They include 4 books of "The Light of Life Series", "Philosophy of Parish Group Ministry", a series of family wellness course including "Self-awareness Course" " Courting Couple Course" "Marriage Enrichment Course",and "Parenting Course"; "Guide to Christian Family Life", "Family Altar I", "Family Altar 2", &"Challenges of Shepherding Ministry in the 21st Century"