Oasis Family Life Enrichment Centre was conceived and nurtured in the Chinese Annual Conference of the Methodist Church in Singapore for eight years before becoming an independent agency.  

It aims at helping churches to establish a practical and sustainable family life enrichment ministry in the church; transforming families into a basic nurturing ground for Christian love. Individuals grow best their capacity of love and ability for crisis management in the family environment.

The centre also renders the following services:

  1. Help to discover the potential of adolescents and provide counsel in countering their weaknesses.
  2. Enrich courting couples with biblical concept of marriage and equip them with positive patterns of transaction to nurture one another's love.
  3. Enrich the marriages and parenting skills of Sunday school children's parents.
  4. Equip the cell group leaders for counseling and managing marital and family crises.
  5. Help in launching family altars and sustaining their operation with relevant materials.
  6. Train the trainers and educators to conduct the family life enrichment courses.
  7. Provide professional helps to the dysfunctional marriages and families.