Introduction to the Ministry

Discovering the Adolescents’ Potential

 Adolescents are often stressed by the mental and physiological changes. In trying to build their own identities, they normally distance themselves from parents in order to avoid their control.  . 

Understanding their strengths and knowing how to manage their weaknesses may be the practical approach to helping adolescents get through this challenging stage of life. 

Our centre will help adolescents professionally in discovering their potential and guide them in the way they should go. 

2. Courting couple Course:

Courting couples should aim at driving their courtship period towards a fulfilling and wonderful marriage.   Our centre is prepared to enlighten them with attainable and pragmatic insights into the beautiful scene of the Eden Garden. We desire to motivate them towards accommodating one another’s traits and building up constructive communication patterns to enhance love and team spirit in their marital journey.  Equipping couples with the tools to cope with the various transitional stages of their family lifecycle effectively so that marriage may become a means of grace for their spiritual development.

Participants will be taught on biblical understanding of marriage and family lifecycle. This will be followed up by individual couple’s sessions for practical issues about their marriage.  

3. Marriage Enrichment for Parents of    Sunday school children

 “The unbelieving husband has been sanctified through his wife, and the unbelieving wife has been sanctified through her believing husband.  Otherwise your children would be unclean. “(ICor.7:14).

 According to the record of the marriage enrichment camps we conducted in 2009 for churches in Singapore and in China, 75 unbelieving spouses accepted Christ to be their Lord.  Our marriage enrichment camps evidently has enriched and transformed participants’ marriages and empowered parents to demonstrate the love of Christ to their children. 

It is reported by ‘Mission Frontiers’ that only 20% of highly churched as teens remained spiritually active by age 29 in America.  The recommended remedy is to inculcate a Biblical life and world view in their hearts and minds through their parents’ example and family lifestyle.  

Oasis centre is most willing to work with Sunday schools to organize two-day or three-day marriage enrichment camp, to enrich the parents’ marriages and follow up with group support in their churches, so that they may exemplify the truth learnt by their children in the Sunday schools.   

4. Counselors’  Training

Equipping Cell Group leaders in dealing with church members’ family crises and preventing marriages from breaking up, is a practical strategy in shepherding.  Our centre and the Association of Christian Counselors in Singapore (ACCS) are conducting Christian Counselors’ training course.  Please click Christian Counseling on our Website for more details.  Interested individuals may register online for the course..

Churches may arrange with the centre for an intensive training course to be conducted in their church premises with a minimum of 15 sign-ups. A Diploma in Christian counseling will be awarded to those who have completed all 18 modules of the course and 40 hours of sensitivity training & 60 hours of practical works.  This will qualify them for membership with ACCS.

5. Family Altar: A means of abundant grace

“The Lord said, “Make an altar of earth for me…..Wherever I cause my name to be honored, I will come to you and bless you.”  (Ex.20:24).

According to feedback received from families who conduct the family altar regularly, it helps family members experience cohesiveness, spiritual growth, experiencing the power of prayer, joy of a Christian family and improvement of children’s academic work.

We would be glad to hold seminar on “Family Altar” with interested churches to help members launch their family altar and know how to sustain it.

About 3,000 copies of the book, “Family Altar I” have been sold.  The “Family Altar 2” is available for sale.  Please purchase online or come to the centre for your copy. 

6. Family life Educators Training Course

Since the first module of the course was launched in 
2007 at Fuzhou we have trained 6 Facilitator Trainers and 100 over Family Life Educators in China. Feedbacks from the trainees have affirmed that it is a very practical approach to Christian nurture.  It has also been perceived as a sustainable long term enrichment programme for families in churches.  Many course participants have improved their marriages and parenting skills.   It has also inspired many families to launch family altar as means of bridging intergenerational gaps.

7. Marriage and Family Therapy

 In 2011 there were 10,000 marriage breakups daily in China. In Singapore there were 7,226 divorces in 2007 alone, coupled with a worrying upward trend.  With divorce rates increasing, intervention is required.

Oasis centre provides professional analysis of personality traits of couples; helping them recognize their strengths and weaknesses; identify areas for change and exploring the root cause of conflicts before proposing any remedy.  The effects have been positive. 


Oasis Family Life Enrichment Centre is established to partner with any willing churches to equip their members for the family life ministry.  Nevertheless, there is a great need for your participation. We would appreciate it if you could take part in any one of the following: 

  • Pray for the ministry
  • Be equipped through our training courses
  • Be a voluntary helper in enrichment camp etc.
  • Publicise the ministry of the centre
Provide financial support. (Please make cheque payable to OASIS FLEC)